Soothing-essential oil candle

Made with the environment in mind


I’ve had both a scented candle and wax melts from Joanne Duke and cannot get enough of them. Beautiful aromatherapy candles that burn for ages and scents that last. I love that they are made with the environment in mind. Will definitely return for more.
Aromatherapy wax melts

THE BEST wax melts I have ever had


I got some Joanne Duke wax melts for my birthday and they are THE BEST wax melts I have ever had! They smell unreal.
Clarity Luxury Candle

Love, Love, Love


I love, love love my candle, it helps chill out before bedtime.
Meditation Essential Oil Candle

Delivered on time in perfect condition.


The candle itself burns well with a great aroma. Really excellent quality in all respects. This would make a great present or as I did; just spoil yourself! Very happy customer and I will buy again.
Aromatherapy Candle

Smells Sublime!


"My aromatherapy candle is absolutely gorgeous. Will try one of the others soon. Smells sublime!"
Confidence Aromatherapy Candle

Beautiful and long lasting


I was given a soothing reed diffuser as a Christmas present. The scent is beautiful and long-lasting. You can smell it right through the house.