How to Make a Candle

Most people love a good candle, and making candles can be a fun and creative process. Here’s a basic guide on how to make a candle:


1. Gather the necessary materials:

Wax: Choose a suitable wax for candle-making, such as soy wax, beeswax or coconut, which is what we use to make our aromatherapy candles.


Wick: Select a wick appropriate for the size of your candle and the type of wax you’re using. This can be the tricky part and may need a lot of testing, or you can buy a pre packed kit, which will have the correct wick for you vessel.


Container: Decide on a container for your candle, such as a glass jar or a tin. Make sure its heat resistant.


Fragrance and colour (optional): If desired, choose a fragrance oil or essential oil to add scent, and select a candle dye or colour block for colour. We use essential oils because we don’t like the chemicals in synthetic fragrances, but this is a personal choice and there are a lot of synthetic fragrances out there to choose from.


2. Prepare the workspace: Set up a clean and well-ventilated area for your candle-making process. Protect the surface with newspapers or a heat-resistant mat.


3. Melt the wax: Follow the instructions for melting your chosen wax. You can use a double boiler or a dedicated wax melting pot. Heat the wax until it reaches the recommended melting temperature according to the wax manufacturer’s instructions.


4. Prepare the container and wick:


5. Place the wick in the centre of the container. You can use a wick sticker or a dab of melted wax to secure it to the bottom.
If necessary, use a wick holder or a pencil to keep the wick cantered and straight.


6. Add fragrance and colour (optional):

If you want scented candles, add fragrance oil or essential oil to the melted wax. Follow the recommended ratio provided by the fragrance manufacturer. 

But this is generally no more than 10%, too much fragrance can have the same effect as too little, which is a poor hot throw.
If desired, add a small amount of candle dye or colour block to achieve your desired colour. Start with a small amount and adjust as needed.


7. Pour the wax: Carefully pour the melted wax into the prepared container, taking care not to disturb the wick. Leave some space at the top of the container. And centre the wick so you get a nice even burn.


8. Allow the candle to cool and set: Let the candle cool and solidify completely. This process may take a few hours, depending on the size of the candle. But to get the best scent throw, leave the candles for a minimum of 2 weeks to allow the candle to cure.


9. Trim the wick: Once the wax has hardened, trim the wick to a suitable length (usually around ¼ inch) using scissors or a wick trimmer.


10. Optional: Add a label or decorate the container as desired to give your candle a personal touch.


Remember to follow safety precautions while working with hot wax and open flames. Read and adhere to the instructions provided by the wax and fragrance manufacturers for the best results and safety guidelines.

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