Why Use Coconut Wax In Candles?

Coconut wax is considered a desirable option for candles due to several reasons:


Sustainable and Renewable

Coconut wax is derived from coconuts, which are a renewable resource. Coconuts are abundantly available, and their wax can be harvested without causing harm to the coconut tree or the environment. As sustainability is an important consideration for many consumers, coconut wax provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paraffin wax.


Clean Burning

Coconut wax has a reputation for providing a clean and even burn. It has a lower melting point than some other waxes, which means it melts at a lower temperature, resulting in a cooler burn. This lower burn temperature helps prevent excessive sooting and black smoke. Additionally, coconut wax tends to have minimal to no fragrance or chemical additives, contributing to a cleaner burn.


Longer Burn Time

Candles made from coconut wax often have a longer burn time compared to those made from other waxes. Coconut wax has a higher melt pool temperature, meaning it takes longer to fully melt, allowing the candle to last longer.


Excellent Scent Throw

Coconut wax has a natural ability to hold and release fragrance. It has a high oil absorption capacity, which allows it to effectively bind with fragrance oils, resulting in a strong and pleasant scent throw when the candle is lit.


Smooth and Creamy Texture

Coconut wax has a smooth and creamy texture, which makes it easy to work with when pouring and creating candles. It has a natural gloss that gives candles a visually appealing finish.

It’s worth noting that individual preferences for candles can vary, and some people may still prefer other types of waxes based on specific criteria such as cost, availability, or personal preference. However, coconut wax has gained popularity among candle enthusiasts due to its sustainability, clean burn, long burn time, excellent scent throw, and pleasant texture.

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