What’s the Difference Between Cotton and Wood Wicks?

Cotton wick and wick candles are two popular types of wicks used in scented candles, and they offer different characteristics and experiences. Here’s a comparison between cotton wick and wood wick candles:



Cotton wicks are made from braided cotton fibers, while wood wicks are typically made from a combination of wood and a thin piece of cotton or paper.



Cotton wicks produce a small, consistent flame that tends to burn more quietly. Wood wicks, on the other hand, produce a wider flame with a soft crackling sound reminiscent of a fireplace, which adds a cozy and rustic ambiance.


Burn Time

Cotton wick candles generally have a longer burn time compared to wood wick candles. The cotton wick burns steadily, while the wood wick burns faster due to its wider flame. This means that cotton wick candles may last longer before needing to be replaced.



Cotton wick candles require minimal maintenance. Trimming the wick to around ¼ inch before each use helps maintain a steady and clean burn. Wood wick candles may require more attention as the wood wick can sometimes form a slight mushroom-like shape at the top. Trimming the blackened part of the wood wick before lighting can help ensure a cleaner burn.


Aesthetic Appeal

Cotton wick candles have a classic look, while wood wick candles offer a unique and visually appealing element with their wooden wicks. The sight of a crackling flame dancing across the wooden wick can add to the overall experience and ambiance of the candle.


Ultimately, the choice between cotton wick and wood wick candles depends on personal preference. Some people enjoy the traditional and consistent burn of cotton wick candles, while others appreciate the cozy and rustic experience provided by wood wick candles. Both options offer their own charm and contribute to a pleasant candle-burning experience.

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