Simple Tips To Help You Fall Asleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is important not only for your long-term health, but to help you function at your best day in day out.


A good-quality sleep is critical for overall good health and quality of life. Sleep aids our body in almost every aspect from recovery to the regulation of our vital functions such as learning, memory, emotional regulation, cardiovascular and metabolic function. Too much sleep, just like to little sleep is bad for our overall health. Researches recommend between 7 to 9 hours as the optimum level to stay healthy. [1]


So we have put together a few tips on how to get to sleep and quickly so you’re refreshed and ready for the next day.


1. Lower the temperature

When you lie down your body temperature cools, and if you have your bedroom too warm, you may have trouble falling to sleep. Scientists recommend you keep your bedroom at 60 to 67° F (15 to 19° C) for optimum sleep. [2]


2. Take a Shower

A study was done on the affects or taking a shower before bed, early research has show that taking a shower an hour or two before bed can help you fall a sleep and maintain a better quality of sleep. [3]


3. Block Out The Light

Your body needs both light and dark to stay healthy and regulated. At night, a dark room promotes feelings of sleepiness and your body produces melatonin, which is an essential hormone for sleep. [4]


4. Aromatherapy is a must

Much research has been done on the benefits of aromatherapy and health and well-being including the benefits of aromatherapy on your sleep quality [5]. essential Oils great for promoting sleep include, Lavender [6], Rose [7], Peppermint [8], Orange and Lemon. Joanne Duke Aromatherapy Candles are the perfect blends to help you unwind and prepare for a good nights sleep.


5. Visualise Happy Thoughts

I’ve always found it useful when I have trouble sleeping to visualise happy thoughts or memories and it turns out I wasn’t wrong! Research shows [9] that imaginary distractions can help you fall asleep faster and have a more peaceful sleep.


At Joanne Duke, we only use essential in our aromatherapy candles, we believe a candle should be beneficial for you mind, body, and soul.


There are numerous benefits of essential oils, including boosting your mood, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, headaches, and even nausea. Take a look at our other blogs for more hints and tips on candles.

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