Why A Wick Dipper is Better Than A Wick Snuffer

There are tools used to extinguish your candle, a wick dipper and a wick snuffer are just two and their effectiveness can vary based on personal preference and specific situations. However, some people may prefer a wick dipper over a wick snuffer for the following reasons:



Reduced smoke

When using a wick dipper, you can gently submerge the wick into the molten wax, extinguishing the flame without creating a lot of smoke. In contrast, a wick snuffer may sometimes create more smoke when snuffing out the flame, which can be bothersome to some individuals.



Minimized soot

When using a dipper, dipping the wick into the wax coats it, effectively preventing excessive soot buildup during subsequent burns. This coating enhances the cleanliness and efficiency of the candle when relit. Conversely, a wick snuffer simply cuts off the oxygen supply to the flame without providing a wax coating on the wick.



Enhanced safety

When using a wick dipper, you have more control over the extinguishing process. By submerging the wick into the wax, you ensure that the flame is completely put out. This reduces the risk of smoldering or relighting, which could potentially cause accidents. A wick snuffer also offers a safe extinguishing method, but there is a small possibility of the flame reigniting if the snuffer is not properly placed.



Aesthetic appeal

Some people value the visual appeal of using a wick dipper. Dipping the wick into the wax and straightening it out can create a pleasing and tidy appearance. Moreover, it contributes to maintaining the shape and condition of the wick.


In the end, the superiority of a dipper over a snuffer is subjective and depends on individual preferences, candle type, and specific situations. Both tools effectively extinguish candles, and the decision between them relies on personal preference and desired outcomes.

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