How to shop sustainably

Shopping sustainably or being a conscious shopper can be expensive. Like veganism, many companies increase the price of their products when demand is low. But the next generation (and an increasing amount of this generation) is demanding more sustainable, eco-conscious living.

In 2017, Forbes did a study showing that 77% of people wanted to learn to live more sustainably. Fast forward to 2021 and Deloitte did a similar study which revealed that the figure had increased to 4 in 5 people, and they hadn’t just expressed an interest, they had actually adopted a more sustainable lifestyle.


We believe this figure would be significantly higher than 85% of the cost of sustainable living wasn’t so expensive. The fears of cost-of-living increases – rising fuel prices, food inflation, etc… However, we don’t think it has to be so expensive to start practicing better sustainable behaviour. Here are our tips on how to live more sustainably without breaking the bank:


1. Change your attitude toward shopping

You can pick up a bargain when you buy second-hand, there are a variety of apps like Vinted and Depop where you can pick up a bargain. Don’t be a victim of fast fashion, try and avoid trends and opt for classic timeless designs that will stand the test of time. Try to buy locally to help cut down on shipping.


2. Choose sustainable

furniture for your home and garden, look for companies who use recycled plastics or reclaimed wood, or even better, if you’re feeling handy why not try it yourself, there are plenty of examples of upcycled furniture online, taking unwanted items and giving them a new lease of life. Not only are you saving something from a landfill, but you will also have a sense of achievement at what you’ve created. Share your ideas on social with the hashtag #JoanneDukeSustainableChallenge


3. Grow your own Veg

Did you know you can upcycle food scraps, using them to grow a brand-new batch of produce? There are around 20 vegetables you can regrow from scarps, check out this blog on Rural Sprout on how to get started.


4. Consider how you travel

When it comes to traveling on holiday, going by train or boat is more sustainable than flying as it produces less C02 emissions, and can often be less costly.


There are numerous ways to shop more sustainably, it all starts with a single step. Take a look at our other blogs for more hints and tips on candles.

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