Why should you recycle?

Recycling helps to reduce the need for landfill. It also reduces our need to extract, refine and process raw materials all of which create water and air pollution. This in turn helps to save energy. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions which are essential if we try to tackle the devastating effects of climate change.


According to Recylenow In 2008-09 over 27 million tonnes of household waste was collected by local authorities. Of this:


  • 50% of this waste was sent to landfill;
  • 37% was recycled or composted; and 
  • 12% was incinerated for energy recovery.

“The amount of household waste we recycled in 2008 reached an impressive 8.7 million tonnes. “


So why should you recycle?

Many people think that there is no point in recycling because it doesn’t make a difference. The truth is that recycling stops tonnes of waste from being buried in a landfill and is a major source of pollution. There are a whole host of negative environmental issues associated with them. The worst is that the rubbish buried in landfill breaks down at an incredibly slow rate and therefore remains a problem for future generations.


That’s why Joanne Duke Candles only uses recyclable materials in our products. The glass, the boxes, and the labels are all made from recyclable material or can be recycled. Meaning nothing we make harms the environment or should end up in a landfill.


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